Thomas Horsley House, Benwell Lane

Welcome to Thomas Horsley House, Benwell Lane

Contact Details

Thomas Horsley House, Benwell Lane. 349 Benwell Lane, NE15 6NG
Business Manager: Mrs Linda Adams 0191 274 0136
Warden: Mrs. Heather Brennan 0191 274 0135

Thomas Horsley House, Benwell Lane Accommodation details


  •  has 40 studio flats, each self-contained with its own private front door
  • Each has a bedsitting room, bathroom (bath with over head shower) and kitchen
  • Emergency alarm (Warden Call) & smoke detector in each flat
  • Communal lift, lounge, laundry, guest facilities, garden
  • Guest room


  • Resident Warden
  • Domestic staff
  • 24 hour Warden Call


  • All gas, electricity & water rates covered by the Estate Management Charity of the Hospital of St.Mary the Virgin
  • TV licences paid for over 60s who are retired and/or work no more than 15 hours per week
  • Fortnightly cleaning to support residents’ own cleaning
  • Repairs & maintenance
  • Some limited onsite parking for visitors
  • Library facilities for books and DVDs

Currently £68 per week.


  • Bus stop (Nos. 31,32) 2 minutes’ walk; Adelaide Shopping Centre with a post office, library, bakery, hairdresser & cafes a short bus journey away; doctor’s surgery & dentist on nearby Delaval Road.
  • Town centre: 1 mile (at most)


For details of vacancies or to be put on the waiting list, please contact the Business Manager, Mrs Linda Adams 0191 274 0136, or email

Thomas Horseley House, Benwell Lane bedroom

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